Taking the lead in innovative electrical test solutions for fine pitch test of interconnect substrates, including BGA, MCM, C4 and  HDI  printed circuits.


What level are you on?  

Are you fabricating today's toughest Interconnects?  

Then, we have test solutions for you.

for C4, MCM, BGAs ...

Nidec-Read is where you can find solutions to your semiconductor substrate interconnect test needs.  When your current test systems cannot deliver the performance needed for today's advanced technology applications, Nidec-Read delivers.

Bare Board Test Technology available from Nidec-Read includes:

Electrical Test Options

  • 2-wire electrical test
  • 4-wire electrical test - measure low resistance
  • "Spark" detection - know when you've "popped" a short
  • micro-short detection
  • TRL non-contact test
  • Sister - "Short-In-Short-TestER' 
  • TDR test

  • LDE non-contact electrical test

Step & Repeat

  • multiple image panel test
  • accurate enough to test the finest pitch devices
  • very high throughput
    ... increase yields
    .... decrease fixture costs

CCD Camera Alignment

  • a key element for successful electrical test at your level
  • CCD cameras measure your fiducials and provide control of test pin placement
  • 4-way search 
    ... reduce test time
    ... quick, simple changeovers
    ... increase yields
    ... increase technology capability
 New - Buckling Beam Fixtures New Buckling Beam fixtures dramatically advance electrical test ability to directly contact very small pads. This new fixture style features:
  • ability to test very small pitch products
  • highly reliable pins
  • can be maintained by operator or maintenance level personnel
  • direct contact with test pad 
  • low force contact - extremely low "witness" marking 

Buckling Beam Pin


TRL Non-Contact Test 

  • for extremely fine pitch applications
  • no pin marks on sensitive pads
  • robust design with very long life
  • provides added immunity to dust and debris
    ... increase technology capability
    ... enhance competitive position

Sister - "short-in-short" Test

  • in the presence of a plating bar, "Sister" can identify unwanted shorts. 
    ... lower costs


  • measure net lengths less than 1/2" with Industry Standard



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