Taking the lead in innovative electrical test solutions for fine pitch test of interconnect substrates, including BGA, MCM, C4 and  HDI  printed circuits.

GATS-8300: Large Format - Step & Repeat Tester
for C4, MCM, BGAs...

GATS-8300 Step & Repeat Test System

The GATS-8300 Tester is one in a series of Test Systems designed for testing multiple-image panel using a Step & Repeat process. Rather than fixture the entire panel for electrical test, you simply fixture for one (or more) images.  The GATS-8300 will Step the fixture across the entire panel and Repeat the electrical test at each step.  
The GATS-8300 features:

  • Step & Repeat of multiple image panels up to 24" x 24"
  • CCD Camera alignment - both sides
  • One-touch fixture install and remove - 5 minute changeover

As with all Nidec-Read Test systems, you may choose among several electrical test technologies for your requirements.

Multi-image Panel for Step & Repeat

Panel Testing comes with a variety of challenges:

  • you may not be able to afford to fixture the entire panel

  • you may not be able to test the entire panel at once due to manufacturing tolerance build-up

  • it is desirable to panel test to weed out faulty images prior to value added processing and packaging operations

Step & Repeat Testing:

  • you fixture just one (or more) images

  • the system steps across the panel and repeats the electrical test at each step
    ... increased immunity to manufacturing    tolerance build-up
    ... dramatically lower fixture costs
    ... maximize test throughput


GATS-7700 Shuttle Handler Test System: For our maximum throughput in the Step & Repeat series, check out the GATS-7700.

Other GATS Step&Repeat Test Systems include:    

Test System

Maximum Panel Size

GATS-7200 9" x 6"
GATS-7300 9" x 9" 
GATS-7700 9" x 4" (Shuttle Handling)
GATS-8100 20" x 13.5"

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