Taking the lead in innovative electrical test solutions for fine pitch test of interconnect substrates, including BGA, MCM, C4 and  HDI  printed circuits.

GATS-2100: High Volume Semiconductor Substrate Interconnect Tester
for C4, MCM, BGAs...

GATS-2100 Semiconductor Substrate Test System 
with JEDEC tray load & unload

The GATS-2100 tester features concurrent operations including:

  • pre-align

  • load

  • CCD camera alignment

  • electrical test

  • unload

  • sort of pass, opens, shorts, and alignment errors

The GATS-2100 concurrent approach provides unmatched volume capability... 2.5 seconds per device 

GATS-2100 Index Table with concurrent operations

As with all Nidec-Read Test systems, the GATS-2100 offers you the most test technologies for your requirements.

For Low Volume Semiconductor Substrate Interconnect applications, check out the
GATS-3200 Flying Probe Tester.

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