Taking the lead in innovative electrical test solutions for fine pitch test of interconnect substrates, including BGA, MCM, C4 and  HDI  printed circuits.

Nidec-Read has installations in North America at the industry's leading edge companies who continue to push the technology envelope. Today's toughest test requirements are being solved by Nidec-Read equipment.          
If you can build it ... we'll help you test it.

Laser Trimming Systems
innovative new design provides exceptional savings and low running costs for trim of:

LTCC component trim requirements

hybrid component trim

organic component trim

LSR-3230 Laser Trim System


Bare Board Test Systems - Nidec Read test
systems provide solutions for advanced test technology

semiconductor substrate interconnect

strip ball grid array test
prototype test 
high volume test
reel-to-reel test 
roll-to-roll test
flex circuit test
panel test
OLED test

Technology- Nidec-Read advanced test technology includes:

step and repeat test - for multi-image panels
CCD camera alignment
flying probe / pin grid combination
TRL non-contact test
buckling beam fixtures - for very fine pitch PCB
TDR test
"spark" detection - new electrical test technique
Sister - short-in-short test
micro-short detection test

Technical Articles

TRL non-contact test


Laser Trim System

LSR-3230 Laser Trim System

Semiconductor substrate interconnect test
   Flying Probe for Semiconductor Package Test
      High Volume Semiconductor Package Test 

Flying Probe & Grid Tester
                      High Volume Test


    Board Test                         HDI Panel Test
 Test Automation PCB Printed Circuit Board Test   PCB Panel Test
       Board test System                 
HDI Panel Test Systems


Low cost electrical test                         TDR Test Systemsaffordable electrical test

TDR test system





R580 Test System                                 TDR Test

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