Taking the lead in innovative electrical test solutions for fine pitch test of interconnect substrates, including BGA, MCM, C4 and  HDI  printed circuits.

GATS-3200: Fastest Flying Probe Test System for Semiconductor Substrate Interconnect Test - C4, MCM, BGAs...

GATS-3200 - Semiconductor Substrate Interconnect Test System
Innovative VCM Flying Probe/Pin Grid Combination

The GATS-3200 Flying Probe combination test system is the solution for Quick Turn test of prototype to low volume requirements for individual packages.  This unique system features:

Interconnect Test Capability:

  • Test individual packages or
  • Test Multi-image panels with Step&Repeat Function

Flying Probe Top:

  • single flying probe top using very high speed voice coil motor (VCM) technology
  • 50 - 100 tests per second  ... high throughput
  • Dual Flying Probe Top for testing bump-to-bump nets
  • flying probe head allows testing of all nets including each power and ground point
  • 4-wire test capability

Pin Grid Bottom:

  • contacts all points at once to provide dramatically reduced test time
  • low cost universal grid  ... reduce fixture costs

JEDEC Tray Load and Unload:

  • system accepts a stack of trays full of parts
  • system re-stacks pass and failed devices separately
  • Optional marking unit
  • cassette load/unload optional
    ... increased operator efficiency  
    ... less operator handling of parts

For High Volume requirements for Semiconductor Substrate Interconnect Testing check out the GATS-2100 High Volume System.

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