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Laser Trimming:
LTCC and hybrid component trim system
    Organic component trim system

Electrical Test: 
Bare Board Test
     Semiconductor substrate test


Luther&Maelzer home pageBare Board Test Products  

Universal Grid Bare Board Test 
... since 1972 

  •               Repair and Service


Nidec-Read home pageSemiconductor Substrate Test 
Organic and Ceramic Laser Trim 

  • Nidec-Read home page

  • Laser Trim System

  • Electrical test systems for:
          ... semiconductor package test
          ... LTCC Test
          ... flexible circuit test
         ... OLED test  

  • technology for electrical test including:
       ... buckling beam fixtures - for very fine pitch
       ... step & repeat testing - for multi-image panels
       ... "spark" detection - new electrical test technique
       ... TRL non-contact electrical test
       ... PHE non-contact electrical test

  • R-580 - affordable electrical test



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